Black Sphere 30cm


A showstopping piece to add to your home décor, the Black Sphere is designed to impress.  Elegant, versatile and dazzling, this decorative light is a real conversation starter and will be the focal point of any room.  Simple and sophisticated, the light perfectly complements existing home décor, room themes and colour schemes.  With a bold and beautiful contemporary design, the decorative light not only upgrades your home, it can also enhance your garden space or make a real statement at a special event.

Around the home, the Black Sphere 30cm is a captivating work of art that adds atmosphere and ambiance.  Casting a warm glow, the decorative light transforms any room into a cosy and comfortable space.  Exquisite wherever it is placed, the decorative light is magnificent when positioned to overlook a dining table, add a twinkle to a charismatic living area or to create a statement in hallways.  Also suitable for outdoor use, the Black Sphere 30cm is incredible for garden decoration and looks particularly striking on warm summer evenings as the sun is setting.  Breath-taking around the home throughout the seasons, the Black Sphere 30cm is also perfect for subtle and minimalist festive décor.

A spectacular centrepiece of weddings and black tie occasions, the Black Sphere 30cm is a hypnotising addition to event décor.  With its simplistic and monochromatic design, this decorative light suits both extravagant and minimalist décor.  Bringing a touch of sparkle to your special occasion, the decorative light can adorn both indoor and outdoor venues.  A touch of glittering elegance, the Black Sphere 30cm enhances any space whilst combining with our Solar Sphere Garden Light makes outdoor festivities look truly jaw dropping.

With 180 warm, white LED lights strung across a 30cm black metal wire frame, the Black Sphere 30cm is sturdy and high quality. The decorative light offers flexible positioning with the option to hang as a pendant light with a 5m cable length or can be equally striking as a decoration placed on a large shelving or the floor.  The unique light can also be opened into a semi-circle to create a different look and vibe.  Combine multiple lights to create an opulent yet dramatic effect.

IP44 rated, our Black Sphere 30cm is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Dual powered, the decorative light can be both mains operated and battery powered.  Mains operation offers consistent light with no need to change batteries and is also perfect for use outdoors.  Meanwhile, the light’s battery powered operation provides ultimate flexibility allowing it to be placed in locations not close to power outlets.  To use the battery powered function, 4 x AA batteries are required. The decorative light also features an energy efficient built in timer. Illuminating at your designed time, the Black Sphere will retain its warm glow for 6 hours before turning off for 18 hours.  This incredible feature saves both electricity and battery power whilst ensuring the light turns on at the same time each day.

Black Sphere Key Features (30cm)

  • 180 Warm White LEDs
  • Built-in Timer: 6 hours on, 18 hours off
  • Total Length: 5m
  • Dual Powered (Mains or 4 x AA Batteries)
  • IP44 Rated

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