Gold Confetti Decorative Fairy Lights


Create a magical ambience and starlit effect with our simple yet effective gold confetti fairy lights. A sophisticated upgrade to our best-selling multi colour confetti string lights, our brand new gold confetti fairy lights will add an elegant sparkle to your decor. A blend of glistening gold, silver and titanium confetti discs add a monochromatic yet regal touch. The gold confetti fairy lights gently illuminate creating a beautiful, warm glow when the LED lights are lit. Creating beautiful reflections when illuminated, these decorative lights add a showstopping finish.

Perfect for all occasions, our gold confetti fairy lights are a great touch at parties, gatherings and weddings as well as in the home. Whilst suitable as decor all year-round, these string lights particularly add a magical touch to your home during the festive season. If you are in search of the ideal decorative lights to complement your opulent decor, our gold confetti fairy lights are a luxurious trimming that will complete your Christmas decor with a festive flourish. Adorn your walls, tree or mantle with an extra sprinkle of sparkle this Christmastime. Providing a beautiful look when laced through a garland or tucked inside Mason jars, our gold confetti fairy lights can help transform your home into a winter wonderland. Sure to sell out this Christmas, these gold confetti fairy lights are an exquisite addition to your yuletide decor. A celebratory colour combination, our gold confetti fairy lights are also ideal for your New Year celebrations.

Brighten up a dull space and add a shimmering undertone to any corner. Creating a romantic warmth, these string lights enhance a cosy space and are perfect for snug evenings at home. Highly adaptable, the gold confetti fairy lights are evenly spread upon a flexible wire and can be positioned wherever is suitable in your home. Whether you hang on the wall, decorate a frame or light up a mirror, the gold confetti fairy lights will make an impressive statement in your space. The battery-powered version of our gold confetti fairy lights provide additional flexibility to your decorating with endless options for placement and use. Get creative and weave your decorative lights through a spectacular flower arrangement or upgrade an enchanting centrepiece. Whatever you choose to do with your very own gold confetti fairy lights, their subtle and regal design makes them the perfect fit for any occasion and every space.

Suitable for indoor use only, our gold confetti fairy lights are available either battery operated or mains powered to suit your specific requirements. Battery powered lights feature 80 warm, white LED lights with an illuminated length of 1.8m whilst our mains powered gold confetti lights boast an illuminated length of 2m with 120 warm, white LED lights. Hassle-free, the lights feature a built-in timer for energy saving. The timer provides 6 hours of illumination before switching off for 18 hours. Exceptional quality, our gold confetti fairy lights are designed not only for impact but for durability allowing you to enjoy years of glimmer.

Available in Mains powered or battery powered.

Gold Confetti Decorative Fairy Lights Key Features (Battery Version)

  • 80 Warm White LEDs
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Total Length: 2.3m
  • Illuminated Length: 1.8m
  • Built-in Timer: 6 hours on, 18 hours off
  • Indoor Use Only

Gold Confetti Decorative Fairy Lights Key Features (Mains Version)

  • 120 Warm White LEDs
  • Total Length 5m
  • Illuminated Length: 1.8m
  • Indoor Use Only

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