LED Solar Lanterns



Bring a touch of Moroccan summer to your outdoor living space. Give your garden the ultimate glow up with a bright, colourful and enchanting makeover of magical LED Solar Lanterns. The perfect addition to gardens, patios and terraces, our LED Solar Lanterns are guaranteed to transform your outdoor area. After solar charging by day, the lanterns burst into light come nightfall with an array of vibrant colours. With beautiful, floral detailing cut into the water resistant Tyvek fabric, the LED Solar Lanterns cast captivating and intricate patterns onto walls, fences and nearby objects.

 Our LED Solar Lanterns look beautiful illuminating your outdoor space on summer evenings. A perfect statement piece, the solar lights add a unique and stylish element to your garden or terrace. The solar lights are also a breath-taking addition to event décor. Perfect for summer garden parties that extend into the evening, the stunning solar lights are a dazzling display on warm nights. Whether you are hosting an Arabian-themed gathering or a coloured Wonderland-inspired tea party, the LED Solar Lanterns perfectly fit into both elegant and flamboyant theming.

 The LED Solar Lanterns come in a diverse range of shapes and shades to complement existing alfresco décor and tie your garden together. Pair multiple solar lights together to create a real statement and add fun pops of colour to your garden. Combine similar shapes and colours for a subtle design feature or go all out with an eclectic blend of different lanterns for a vivid Arabian-esque gardenscape. Our LED Solar Lanterns can be positioned in multiple ways providing ultimate flexibility that can adapt to your garden. The solar lights have the most impact when hanging in traditional lantern fashion. Style your garden space by hanging from trees, pergolas and fences to elevate your outdoor lighting. Alternatively, the LED Solar Lanterns can stand whether on the floor or on a table, creating a cosy atmosphere. Both a hook and table stand are included with each solar light allowing you to easily position your LED Solar Lantern as soon as it arrives.

 Whilst suitable for indoor use, this LED Solar Lantern is designed exclusively for outdoor use. The light is solar powered and requires daily sunlight to recharge. Lanterns can be used throughout the year but perform best throughout the summer with increased daylight. The lantern features a sensor, automatically illuminating the solar light come nightfall. After charging in the sunshine for a full day, you can expect up to eight hours of illumination. Featuring both LED bulbs and solar operation, our LED Solar Lanterns are incredibly eco-friendly. The LED Solar Lanterns are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Made with Tyvek fabric, the lanterns are water resistant making them perfect for outdoor use. Also resistant to bacteria and ageing, the use of Tyvek material is a superior choice assuring that you will receive years of beautiful glow.

LED Solar Lanterns Key Features

  • Material: Metal & Tyvek
  • Solar Powered with Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Lights Automatically Turn on at Dusk and Off at Dawn
  • Hook and Table Stand Included
  • Outdoor Use Only

LED Solar Lanterns Dimensions

  • Globe and Balloon - 30cm x 30cm (Height x Width)
  • Oval - 45cm x 20cm (Height x Width)
  • Diamond - 28cm x 28cm (Height x Width)
  • Cylinder - 33cm x 18cm (Height x Width)
  • Ellipse - 25cm x 40cm (Height x Width)
  • Dome - 26cm x 26cm (Height x Width)


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