Multi Colour Confetti Fairy Lights


Our best-selling fairy lights are the perfect mood booster bringing zest and life to any corner, surface or item. With shimmering pops of colour, our multi colour confetti lights are sure to brighten up any space. Featuring delicate discs of crisp colour, these impressive string lights create a brightly lit panorama. The colour collection of confetti creates a dazzling effect when illuminated with breath-taking reflections of vibrance that dance in the shadows. Enhance your space with sparkle and bring the colours of the rainbow into your home. The ideal colourway to leave up all year round, our multi colour confetti lights bring a splash of fun to your space even when not illuminated. Plus, when the daylight catches the iridescent sequins, the effect is simply magical.

The ideal decorative addition to any occasion, our multi colour confetti lights perfectly complement the decor of colourful parties, weddings and events. Enhance your existing vibrant decor or add a dash of colour to more simple or monochromatic designs. Fairy lights for all seasons, our multi colour confetti lights can be used all year round but particularly sparkle throughout the festive season. For lovers of a colourful Christmas, our multi colour confetti lights will spectacularly complement your yuletide decor. Add a shimmer of sequins to your evergreen tree, wrap around a funky wreath or weave through a garland for a touch of paint. These captivating fairy lights will transform your home into a winter wonderland by creating a polar atmosphere with colours reminiscent of the Northern Lights. For a colour alternative, make sure to check out our gold confetti fairy lights.

Featuring a posable copper wire, these decorative fairy lights can be moved into any position and retain their shape. Perfect to adapt to any environment or enhance any item, these beautiful string lights add bespoke lighting to your space. Wrap around mirrors, decorate frames or add to mantles, the multi colour confetti lights are undoubtedly glitzy, eye-catching decor. Capture the eye of visiting guests by decorating your walls, fireplace or staircase with the colourful hues of these stunning decorative lights. No matter where you place our multi colour confetti lights, whether at home or at an event, the result is simply hypnotising.

Suitable for indoor use only, our multi colour confetti fairy lights are available either battery operated or mains powered to suit your specific requirements. The battery powered lights feature 108 warm, white LED lights with an illuminated length of 1.8m whilst our mains powered multi colour confetti lights boast an illuminated length of 2m with 120 warm, white LED lights. Both the mains powered and battery powered products offer different benefits. Whilst the mains powered multi colour confetti lights offer the convenience of no battery requirement, the battery powered version of the lights have increased placement flexibility and feature a built-in timer for energy saving. The timer provides 6 hours of illumination before switching off for 18 hours and lights up at the same time every day. A design of exceptional quality, our multi colour confetti fairy lights are robust and durable allowing you to enjoy years of consistent colour.

    The colourful Confetti lights come in 2 versions: Battery Powered or Mains Powered.

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