Scottie Dog Felt LED Stringlights

The Felt Scottie Dog Light Chain is tactile and versatile as well as attractive, making an excellent choice when you need a portable soft lighting solution.
These brilliant Felt String Lights consist of 20 low voltage LED bulbs paired with soft felt dogs in dusky pinks on a transparent 2.5 metre flex. Suitable for indoor use only, these great little lights are powered by 3 AA batteries, housed inside a matching felt pocket.
Our string lights always come packaged well and these are no exception. They are presented in a compact transparent box which shows off the cool design of the lights. There's no doubt that the Scottie Dog Felt Lights are fun for children's rooms but also chic enough to grace any adult living space.
We're all about gifts (just in case you hadn't noticed) and feel that these lights are perfect for animal lovers and lighting enthusiasts of all ages.

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