Teardrop String Lights


Bringing style and elegance to classic fairy lights, these Teardrop String Lights add a touch of sophistication to any space. Simple in design yet highly effective, the beautiful string lights are designed to complement any space. The Teardrop String Lights are available in four different colourways allowing them to perfectly adapt to any colour scheme and fit into existing décor. Available in peach, mint, jade or opaque ornaments, the string lights cast a different hue depending on your colour selection and can dramatically change the mood of any space. With two different wire colours, you can also select the ambiance the fairy lights create with a dark brown wire (mains powered) adding to a warm, cosy atmosphere and a silver wire (battery operated) offering more vibrance from the vivid light reflections.

Adding a subtle touch of luxury to your home, the Teardrop String Lights are impressive and impactful no matter where they are positioned. The fairy lights add a dazzling touch to any corner of your home whether decorating a shelf or wrapped around a banister. The string lights also look great in a teenagers bedroom bringing a spot of sophistication to fairy lights and bridging the gap between tween and adult décor. Whether framing a mirror, hanging across a bed frame or draped along a unit, the string lights are cosy and effective. For a contemporary effect, the Teardrop String Lights also look incredible when positioned inside a decorative bowl or dramatically flowing from an ornamental vase or jug.

Not only do the Teardrop String Lights look beautiful decorating the home, they are also incredible to decorate events and celebrations. Adding a twinkle to evening events, the fairy lights are perfect for any occasion but are particularly impressive at weddings. With a luxurious and elegant design, the string lights are great for decorating chic venues whilst complementing any décor with their minimalist design. The fairy lights are also available in four different colours offering great variety to suit any colour scheme. Casting a warm glow and offering an enchanting display, the Teardrop String Lights will add a touch of magic to wedding celebrations.

The Teardrop String Lights are suitable for indoor use only and available as both mains powered and battery operated. The mains powered fairy lights are a longer length with 90 warm white LED lights scattered along an illuminated length of 3m. The total wire length is 6m providing an additional 3m to reach power outlets. For greater flexibility, the battery operated string lights can be positioned anywhere with no requirement to be near a mains socket. The battery operated fairy lights have an illuminated length of 2m with 60 warm white LED lights. The battery operated Teardrop String Lights feature a silver wire and require 3 x AA batteries. The battery operated fairy lights also feature a built-in timer, illuminating at a set time each evening and remaining lit for 6 hours.

Teardrop String Lights Key Features (Mains Powered)

  • 90 Warm White LEDs
  • Ornament Colour: Peach, Mint or Opaque
  • Wire Colour: Dark Brown
  • Illuminated Length: 3m
  • Total Length: 6m
  • Built-in Timer: 6 hours on,18 hours off
  • Mains Powered (UK Plug Supplied)
  • Indoor Use Only
Teardrop String Lights Key Features (Battery Powered)
  • 60 Warm White LEDs
  • Ornament Colour: Peach, Mint or Opaque
  • Wire Colour: Silver
  • Illuminated Length: 2m
  • Total Length: 2.5m
  • Built-in Timer: 6 hours on,18 hours off
  • Battery Powered
  • Requires 3 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Indoor Use Only

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